Super-Romantic Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Celebrate Your Love with These Super-Romantic Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Celebrate Your Love with These Romantic Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Are you looking for some ways to celebrate your anniversary and show your spouse how much you care? Check out these romantic wedding anniversary ideas.

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About 6,200 people get married each year in the United States.

And each year, those same people get to celebrate their anniversary. This is one of the most special days of any marriage.

Making sure the day is a great one for your spouse can be difficult. If you don’t succeed, your loved one may not feel as special as you think they are.

Knowing where to start may be a little harder than you expect. Never fear though. We have all the wedding anniversary ideas you need.

Read on for 7 tips to make your anniversary special.

1. Pick Up Flowers

If somebody doesn’t get flowers on your anniversary, you’re doing it wrong. Flowers are essential to celebrate any romantic event.

Make sure to get flowers that fit what your spouse likes. Some people like red roses, while others may prefer yellow buttercups.

While you should care what they think, you shouldn’t stress too much about this gift. Flowers are more about the thought than anything else.

Plus, you don’t want to find out what happens if you don’t buy flowers!

2. Create a Love Scavenger Hunt

If your spouse is an adventurous type, send them on a scavenger hunt. To make it more fun, make the hints related to your relationship.

The scavenger hunt could stay in your home or apartment. But to make it more fun, have them travel across your town.

The end of the scavenger hunt is the most important part! Make sure to have a surprise gift.

You could also lead them to their favorite restaurant or a romantic location. It has to be something worth their time though.

Be careful not to make the hints too hard. If they don’t get it, they may become frustrated.

3. Create Art for Your Loved One

One fun way to make your spouse feel loved is to create art for them. While it’s the thought that counts, you should make sure to work hard on it.

You could create visual art. And if you have skills, you could even paint or sculpt your spouse. Anything to tell them you love them will work.

If you’re skilled in music, learn a song that makes you think of them. Or, if you all have a favorite song as a couple, learn it.

This will, of course, be easier if you already play an instrument. But imagine how surprised they will be if you took the time to learn an instrument!

Another alternative is to create a playlist of all your favorite songs over the year. This shouldn’t be your only gift, but it might be a nice addition.

4. Recreate Your First Date

Have you been married to your loved one for some time? It might be time to take it all back to your first date.

Whatever it may have been, try making the magic happen again for the first time. Everything you do should be the same way you did it the first time.

Don’t tell them what’s happening and leave with the promise to pick them up soon. When you do, come back and pretend like it’s your first date.

Your spouse might not even see it coming, and they might not know what’s going on. But once they catch on, it may bring tears to their eyes.

Take them to the place your first date took place. If you’ve moved away, you could even plan a surprise trip back.

Try to remember the cheesy things you said the first night. To get in the mood, think about what made you go on a date in the first place.

5. Capture Your Love in a Beautiful Frame

To celebrate your love, buy your spouse a perfect photo frame. You could even put a photo of your wedding in it.

Looking at an old photo will help your spouse remember the early days of your relationship. This will help rekindle the fire that started your relationship.

Make sure to buy a high-quality frame. You never know how long your spouse will keep it, and you don’t want it to break down over time.

6. Have a Picnic

This one might be a little childish, but a picnic is always a romantic date. Your partner might like the teenage-like date.

Even though the date is simple, make sure to have food that tastes good! Take time to prepare something your spouse will love.

Also, don’t feel like you have to go to a park during the day. Do something different like watching the sunset on top of a parking garage.

Surprise your spouse with the unexpected. A small twist on a classic will make them swoon for you again.

7. A Love Letter for Each Month

This gift will take at least one year of preparation. If you do it right, it could be one of the most memorable gifts of your relationship.

Starting on your anniversary, begin writing a love letter to your spouse each month. Talk about what is happening in your lives, and reflect on what they are doing that is making you happy.

Then, on the next year’s anniversary, give them the first letter and tell them that there is more to come. Then, for each month, hand them the next letter.

You could also do this each week, or if you’re a true romantic, you could do it each day. Imagine giving your spouse 365 letters!

Avoid doing this if your partner doesn’t enjoy reading. Even sweet words will tire them out.

Also, don’t be cheesy in these letters. Be real about what’s going on in life. There’s a good chance your spouse will keep these for the rest of your life.

8. Plan an Unexpected Getaway

Nothing is more romantic than running away together. While you may have never got the chance as young romantics, don’t let that stop you now.

Plan an unexpected getaway for your anniversary. If your spouse doesn’t like surprises, let them know enough ahead of time to make them comfortable.

The getaway doesn’t have to break the bank. Instead, try going on a road trip. This will give you all plenty of time to talk.

Stop Asking for Wedding Anniversary Ideas!

Now that you have some wedding anniversary ideas, you’re ready to make your spouse feel loved. No need to ask for any more advice.

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