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Baby scan photo frames to display your baby’s first photograph! You will want to keep it as a memento and what better way than displaying it in a personalised baby scan photo frame! You may not know yet whether baby is a girl or a boy, and even if you do, you may not have decided on a name yet; but you can still personalise the frame.


Believe it or not, the technology that is used to scan a foetus by ultrasound was originally developed to search for faults in ships. High frequency sound waves, far above the ability of human ears to detect, are bounced off the structure and the echoes that bounce back are used to form a black and white image. The technology was first made available to medicine in the 1950s in Glasgow and by the end of that decade it was routinely used by hospitals in that city. By the 1970s the idea had caught on in other parts of the country, so that by the end of the Twentieth Century, scans during pregnancy had become routine.

Scans are used to confirm pregnancy, the number of babies and clinically to detect abnormalities such as microcephaly. The NHS offers two scans, a dating scan at 8 - 14 weeks and the mid-pregnancy scan at 18 - 21 weeks. The dating scan will be used to measure the size of the foetus and the due date may be adjusted accordingly. The mid-pregnancy scan may reveal the baby’s gender and so if parents either want to know or would prefer to wait until the birth they need to tell the sonographer before the scan takes place.

Whilst the medical advantages in scanning during pregnancy are significant, in that most cases of spina bifida, some heart defects and kidney problems as well as limb deformities and possibly cleft palates can be detected during the mid-pregnancy scan, it is the benefit to the parents that is immeasurable. Many women report that they haven’t really felt pregnant until they have their scan picture and these photographs certainly help with bonding before the baby is even born.

Why not purchase a personalised baby scan photo frame to record the details of these most precious pictures? The scan is, after all, baby's first photo, and you will want to keep the image of your tiny new baby. Having these very first photographs of a baby on display will mark the beginning of a large collection. A child will surely want to know how much they were loved before they were even born.