How To Crop And Resize Your Photographs

There are a number of software programs/apps available, some are free, some are expensive. One of the best free ones (as long as you are downloading it for personal use) is PhotoPad. Go to this page and download the app – there are versions for Windows, Mac OS, Ipad, Android, and Kindle. Scroll to the bottom of the page, make your choice and download.

Once you have downloaded and added the app to your device, open it and you will see the first image below.. Click ‘Open’ and you will be taken to your computer’s Pictures folder – image 2. If the photo you wish to change is still held on your camera, you can open it in the program by clicking on ‘Import’.

Choose the photo you want by clicking on it. It will then appear – see image 3 .

Now click on the ‘Crop’ button. An outline will appear over the image. Click on one of the little white squares and drag the outline. Click on each white square and drag until what appears in the middle is what you want your photo to end up looking like.

Now click on ‘Custom’ on the right hand side – you will see what appears in image 4. That opens a list of standard photograph sizes. Pick the one to fit the photo frame, then click on ‘Apply’ Your photograph has now been cropped and resized. All that remains is to click on ‘Save’ and your resized photo can be saved to your computer ready to print.

Once you have resized your photo and maybe cropped the image to cut out any excessive surrounding area, you can then buy your favourite photo frames with confidence.