Father’s Day Gift Ideas

10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Guy Who Has Everything

Is the father in your life the type of man who’s hard to shop for? Check out this guide to 10 father’s day gift ideas that even he will love.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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Coming up with unique ideas for dad can be a challenge. If it seems like he has everything, he doesn’t. You don’t have to rush out and buy the latest gadget or technology to impress him.

The best Father’s Day gift ideas are those that are personal. It shows thought and that you care enough to take the time to find something meaningful. You can tailor your gift to suit your dad to a tee.

You know your dad best, so here are a few ideas to get you started.

Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Chances are, dad has been dropping hints. If you are listening, you’ll have picked up on them.

For the Sports Fan

If dad is a sports fan, there are many ways to surprise him with the perfect gift.

1. Season Tickets

Season tickets to his favorite team will be the gift that gives him joy all year long. If you get him tickets for two people. you might even get to see a few games. It also means dad can share the gift with friends and family.

2. Sports Memorabilia

Finding an autographed photo, or player’s jersey could be the perfect gift for dad. You can order them from collectors, find them online or try to meet the players after a game and ask for an autograph.

When it comes to actually meeting your sports heroes, there are a few ways to do it. Look for them making public appearances for charitable events, try to get a meeting after a game or contact the team management and ask them.

Homemade Items

Whether you knit, draw, sew or bake, there is nothing like a homemade gift.

3. Photo Collage

Putting together a collage of pictures in a nice personalised frame is fun for you to make and a fabulous gift to give. It shows you took the time to prepare something dad will cherish for years to come.

Ask family and friends for photos you can put in. You may even be able to surprise dad by finding pictures he’s never seen before. Wedding, graduation, graduation, and baby pictures.

4. Art Work

Here’s a great way to impress dad. Show off your artistic skills. Even if you don’t paint or draw, you can find really great art locally. It’s always nice to support your local artist, community and you get a wonderful piece of art.

This can be crafts, like glass blowing, ceramic pieces, jewelry or other types of handcrafted accessories. Small items like rings and tie clips to large lawn ornaments to enjoy year round.

5. Personalised Photo Frames

Find a perfect picture and put it in the perfect frame. There are fabulous custom frames for any occasion. Find one to add several photos, something with a clock, so when he checks the time, he sees the picture or one that pinpoints a specific event.

It’s a unique gift for dad that no one else will have thought of. You can get them custom made and have any message you like. it’s the perfect way to frame that special occasion in dad’s life.

Spread The Love

You can give another type of gift that keeps on giving. Bettering ourselves and each other are wonderful ways to say I love you.

6. Classes

Has dad ever mentioned he would love to learn a new language? Maybe he’s always wanted to learn the piano or how to cook the perfect Indian dishes. Sign him up for some classes.

Adult education is the perfect gift. It’s the chance to broaden your scope on life and meet like-minded people. You never know where it will lead! perhaps dad will find a whole new career path from a few introductory classes.

7. Donation to Charity

Maybe dad isn’t lacking for much, but others in the world certainly are. Finding a charity close to dad’s heart is a nice way of giving to the community. Making a donation in their name is selfless, generous and makes everyone feel good.

Other Gift Ideas

Not there yet? Here are a few more ideas that dad will enjoy.

8. Vintage Wine

If dad is a connoisseur of fine wines or whiskey, find him a nice vintage bottle to enjoy. If he isn’t knowledgeable, get him started. Get him a nice bottle and a book or classes to go with it.

9. Concert Tickets

For the music lover find those tickets to the concert he’s always wanted to see. Checking out the musician’s website is a great way to find out if they will be in or near your city.

Often, you can order tickets way in advance or if you are part of their online fan club, get first dibs on tickets before they go on sale to the general public. A few hours of music will give dad years worth of memories.

10. Staycation

Maybe dad really just needs a rest. A great way to give him that is a weekend away right at home. You can book him a hotel with pool, massages and room service. He could be mere blocks away, but to him, it’s miles.

Likewise, if there are kids in the house, volunteer to take them somewhere for the weekend and let dad have the house to himself, (mom optional) for a few days, just to recharge the batteries.

No one fighting for the remote or who’s been in the bathroom too long. Just peace, quiet and a vintage bottle of scotch. Throw in an offer to do all the chores and dad emerges a brand new man.

Dad Day Afternoon

Our dad. The unsung hero in our lives. Seemingly in the background, driving us here and there, always opening their wallets when we need, sitting through our school plays and concerts.

It’s time to put your thinking cap on for the perfect father’s day gift ideas. A standard tie or bottle of cheap cologne just doesn’t cut it. Not for your dad. Let’s get personal.

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