How can I resize my photo to fit your frames?

If you are struggling to fit your photograph into one of our standard size frames, there is some software that is to use that will do the job. Go to PhotoPad. It is free and there are versions for Windows, Apple, and Android (scroll to the bottom of the page to download the version for your system. There’s a guide on how to use PhotoPad here.

Do you deliver to the Irish Republic?

No, sorry. However, you can use a company like DeliverMe who are based in Northern Ireland, or Parcel Motel. They both specialise in delivering to ROI online shoppers. Have your gifts delivered to their warehouse and they will forward the goods to any address in the ROI.

The name I want on a photo frame has an accent. Can you do that?

Sorry. At this time we are not able to include accents.

Which comes first, the width or the height?

The width. So if a frame is shown as 5×7 the width is is 5 inches, and the height 7 inches.