After “I Do”: How to Make a Tasteful Wedding Photo Display

After “I Do”: How to Make a Tasteful Wedding Photo Display

The wedding is over, so now what do you do with all those pictures? Check out this guide to learn how to make a tasteful wedding photo display.

Wedding Photo Display

An amazing 3,000 photos are taken at any one wedding thanks to everyone invited having their own personal camera in their pocket.

Wedding photoBut, once the big day has come to an end, the honeymoon is over and you’re entering marital bliss, you’ll have to deal with those hundreds of photos.

Of course, when you’re faced with hundreds of photos from friends, family and even a photographer, it can be hard to know what to do with them all.

Why not go through your favorites and choose the top few to display throughout your house and help you remember the sweetest moments?

You don’t want your home to be awash with wedding pictures. So, here are a few tasteful ideas to help you choose the perfect wedding photo display for your home.

1. Small and Simple Wedding Frames

For those who want something understated in their home to keep next to their bedside or on a mantelpiece, this is the best and classiest option available.

Begin by looking around your home and identifying which material will fit in best with your decor.

For example, do you prefer wood, silver or slate? After you’ve identified this, you’ll need to go through your photos to find your favorites to put on display.

Of course, you may choose to have a couple of small and simple wedding frames dotted around a room so the choice of picking just one photo isn’t so difficult.

2. Photo Cubes Make for Perfect Presents

These wooden photo cubes are a great way to showcase multiple pictures in your home. However, they can also provide a practical use and work as a box!

Keep chocolates in your wedding photo cube and you’ll be sweetly reminded of your big day every time you tuck in.

As well as choosing four pictures, you’ll also be able to choose the detailing for the top of the box.

Include personal details from the day, whether you want to write your names and the date of the wedding.

This understated and practical option is also a sweet gift idea for close relatives who helped make your big day extra special.

3. Multi Photo Frames so You Don’t Have to Choose

Can’t choose just one picture? You don’t have to. The multi-photo frame option provides a great way to show off a few special moments.

You may even choose to have two multi photo frames which complement each other. Perhaps one for the details from your side of the family and the second for your partner’s.

By choosing this option, you’ll also be able to get in pictures of family and friends who made the day a success. Or even different moments from the day.

This is the best option for those who can’t decide which picture is the cutest!

4. Clock Frame – Practical and Personal

For those who prefer everything in their home to be functional, the clock photo frame is a great choice.

Every time you glance up to see the time, you’ll be reminded of your loved one. This is a particularly nice option for the bedroom too.

When you wake up, you’ll be reminded of a lovely memory. If you’ve been with your partner for a long time, this is also a great gift to purchase for a birthday!

Why not engrave it with “I’ve always got time for you” – cheesy yet sweet.

5. Large Canvases to Display Small Details

Some of the best wedding photos capture a smile up close, a bridal shoe or hands holding for the first time while married.

These little moments are so heartwarming and may be worth showcasing on your walls. Why not make them bigger and put them on a canvas?

Three canvases all next to each other may look great above your bed or a sofa. They’re also not so ostentatiously wedding images but little artistic reminders.

6. Lots of Polaroids? String Them Together!

Polaroid cameras are becoming more popular for weddings as they enable guests to provide a fun yet personal moment for a guest book.

They’re a lot more interesting than writing in a guestbook and you can then keep your favorites.

If you had a Polaroid camera on hand at your wedding, it’s certain that you’ll have multiple images to create a funky display within your home.

Of course, you may not want all of these images on display. But, if there are a few worth keeping, why not use string to create a quirky look?

Try pinning a few up in your study to remind you of good moments while working hard! Add a few fairy lights for a truly unique look.

7. Keep it Minimalist with a Few Varying Photo Frame Sizes

This is a great idea for those who don’t want to clutter up their home.

Simply choose four different shaped frames which are simple yet chic and position them together on one wall.

This is particularly great for a hallway or above a mantelpiece as it’s personal while also not being too over the top.

You’ll draw attention while still keep your home looking minimalist and classic. What’s not to love?

8. Add Some Wording to Your Photo Frame

This is a very sweet way to include your names, wedding date, and even a small quote. By adding wording, you add a simple yet very romantic touch to your photos.

It also makes forgetting wedding anniversaries almost impossible for the forgetful amongst us!

You may also want to include a few of your vows to remind you of the promises you made to your partner.

Visit Photo Frames Online for a Tasteful Wedding Photo Display

Your wedding day is likely to be one of the most special days of your life. So, why not honor it by having many different pictures from the day around your home?

Once you’ve chosen which frame or look works best for your wedding photo display, get in touch!

We have a huge array of options for you to choose from and help you make the wedding photo display which suits your home and tastes. Contact us, here.