9 Creative Photo Display Ideas For Your Travel Photos

9 Creative Photo Display Ideas for Your Travel Photos

Looking for photo display ideas for your travel photos that don’t include scrapbooking? Read on for creative photo display ideas!

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Have you just returned from an amazing trip? You’ll probably want a way to remember it forever.

So, don’t keep all those amazing travel photos stored on your phone or computer. Instead, display them around your home, so you can look back at your favourite vacation every day.

Of course, such a special trip deserves a special photo display, as well.

Do you want to know what we’re talking about? Keep reading to discover 9 creative ways you can display your travel pics.

1. Make a Calendar

If your work days drag on, you may be looking for anything to put a smile on your face while you’re sorting through paperwork and taking phone calls.

Consider turning your 12 favourite travel photos into a calendar. Looking back at an amazing vacation can help you feel better when work stresses you out and help you daydream about your next big trip.

2. Use Souvenirs as Photo Holders

Did you come home with a few small souvenirs and don’t know what to do with them? Turn them into photo holders!

All you have to do is take a piece of wire and wrap it around your souvenir. Then, curve the other end, so it can hold your favourite travel picture. Not only is this a cute way to display your photos, but you’re giving that trinket a use instead of letting it sit on a shelf collecting dust.

3. Get Unique Frames

Of course, using picture frames to display your photos never goes out of style. But if you want to take this to the next level, consider going with a unique picture frame.

For example, if you went on a beach getaway, get a shell photo frame. This will really make your picture come to life and help you reminisce about breathtaking sunsets and swaying palm trees.

4. Turn Them into Ornaments

With the holidays quickly approaching, you may be starting to think of Christmas decorations, gift ideas, and cookie recipes. But did you know that your travel photos can be part of your holiday cheer?

You can get crafty one night and make DIY photo ornaments. Just print out your favourite photo and put it in a clear ornament.

If you want to make this even more special, you could place sand, small seashells, or other tiny items from your trip in the bottom of the ornament. You could even print out the date and location and glue it to the back of your photo.

5. Design a Photo Gallery Wall

Do you have so many photos you want to display that you can’t narrow it down to just two or three? Well, if you have a blank wall in your home just waiting to be filled, you can make a photo gallery wall.

All you’ll need is various picture frames of different sizes. While they don’t all have to be the same colour and design, you’ll want to make sure they complement each other. Add a small piece of wall art or a hangable trinket from your trip, and you have an amazing way to display all your travel pics.

6. Order a Personalised Frame

Did you take a trip to celebrate your birthday or anniversary? If you want to keep things simple but special, order a personalised frame.

To make this even more sentimental, consider getting a double frame. Use one side for your travel photo and the other side to showcase a picture from your past.

For example, if you took this trip for your anniversary, you can put a picture from your anniversary trip and a picture from your wedding day in a personalised anniversary frame. Or, if you travelled for your birthday, use a picture from your trip and one from when you were a baby or from your first birthday.

If you travelled with a friend or loved one to celebrate their special occasion, this makes a great gift idea!

7. Customise a Candle

Are you always burning candles at home? Nothing is more relaxing than being surrounded by a pleasant aroma while you watch that warm flame dance around.

You can add a more personal touch to this by making or buying a customised label.

Start by purchasing a candle whose scent reminds you of your trip. You may opt for sea breeze to remember your beach getaway or vanilla to remember all those amazing bakeries you passed in the city centre.

Then, use a relaxing picture from your trip to form the base of your label. You’ll also want to think of a cute name for your candle, like “Caribbean Air” or “French Macaroons.”

8. Use Maps as Backgrounds

Do you like the look of those white borders inside your picture frame? Why not decorate this for a unique photo display?

Get a map of the city you visited. Then, cut it to shape, and glue it to the white border. If your picture frame doesn’t come with a white border, just place the map behind your favourite photo for an awesome background.

9. Make Drink Coasters

Are you in the market for new drink coasters? Why buy boring old coasters from the store when you can turn them into practical ways to display travel pics?

That’s right, DIY photo drink coasters are durable and easy to make. Plus, every time you use them, you’ll get to see pictures from your favourite trip.

The Best Photo Display Ideas

Don’t let all those amazing travel photos sit in an album you’ll never open. Keep them out and on display, so you can remember your trip! Just follow our creative photo display ideas for inspiration.

Do you want more photo and photo display ideas? Then check out our blog today!